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The Mere Mortals Trading Card Game

From JAM Games, LLC

Build up a team of Eve fighters and face off against opponents in this

hard-hitting trading card game, coming in 2022!

Dive into the world of Mere Mortals, with cards featuring the characters, creatures and epic battles between the Celestials of Hywyn and the Archfiend of Arros.

We'll be launching a GoFundMe in 2022. The funds gained will go towards creating the first series of cards, called Beginnings. We want to not only make sure that the cards and the art featured on them is top-notch, but that the artists who create them are fairly compensated. Being artists ourselves, it's important to us that this company starts off on the right foot, and helps create joy in the world. That starts with how the game itself is created.

Join our Patreon for exclusive promo cards and merchandise.

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