• John Andrew Myers

Moving along

Without any hard evidence it's hard to say (or prove) that things has been moving along, but it definitely feels like we're getting close to the finish line. The manuscript is done, the prices are set, the printer is working on the files, double checking them to make sure everything is A-okay, and the website is close to finished. It's been a lot of hard work and back and forth to get ready for the release on Dec. 25, but I think I'll make it. The hardest part has definitely been doing this all by myself, as there are way more moving parts involved than one might imagine. It has also been an additional challenge as I'm setting up a fully functioning publishing company at the same time. With any luck, following Mere Mortals, I'll be able to publish all of my titles under one banner, JAM press, LLC, and have full control over the creative and business decisions for my stories.

It was a long process to decide to publish myself, but after reading many testimonials and blogs from other independent and established authors, I decided it was the best fit. It seems that the future of publishing might be independent authors paving their own way, as the technology is now ripe to do so, and there are many benefits. There are plenty of detractors as well, so only the future will tell if this was a smart move or not, but for the moment I'm cautiously optimistic.

This week will be the start of my promotions for the book, so please like and share all the links you can from the instagram and twitter. Next year I will be hitting the convention circuit, so keep an eye out for dates and times when I will be setting up a Mere Mortals booth in your area.

That's all for now. Until next time, don't forget to control your Wrath.




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