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It's time!

Well, through a sudden turn of events, the book is now live and released on Amazon. It was a mistake on my part, but I still feel like I was set up to fail. Publishing through the company Ingram has a fine experience, but is taking some time, whereas going through Amazon was so fast I was published before I even knew what was happening. I'm not mad, I'm just saying. So rather than cancel the item, I waited to see a physical copy, as I needed to approve what it looks like in person before selling it. Luckily Amazon is, again, crazy fast, and approved, printed, and shipped my book to me in three days. I reiterate, that's just crazy. Luckily, the proof looked great. I couldn't be happier with it, so I decided might as well just go with it. And here we are.

I'm not quite ready for my full blown promotional extravaganza. I feel like a party host who just found out their guests will be arriving six hours early, and that's now, and I'm still in my sweats. I'll hopefully be announcing some dates where we will have a Mere Mortals table at conventions of the comic, sci-fi and fantasy variety. If you have any tips or hookups, please let me know!

I'll include a link at the bottom of this post for the amazon page for the book. Also the free PDF version can be downloaded by clicking the link on the home page. Please check the story out and see if you vibe with it. If so, please consider donating or purchasing a physical copy either here on the MM website, or on Amazon.

Things will start to move faster now, but that's not a bad thing. I'll try and post here as often as possible. And please drop me a line to let me know what you think of the book, just be gentle. I'm fragile. Thanks, all! Talk soon.



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